Thailand Trip Part 4: Uncle and Aunt in Trat Province - Episode 78


Today was a super busy day, packed full of fun and adventure. Editing the entire day down into a six minute video was hard to do. My uncle and aunt own a restaurant and specialize in a couple of Thai dishes. One of the camera man's favorites is kao mon gai (rice and chicken). But we didn't get a chance to see my uncle's restaurant open, since we were coming to visit him, he closed the restaurant in order to take us around and show us his town.

We woke up and went to the morning market, where they sell just about anything you could want, from fresh veggies and herbs to fresh seafood and meats. We bought some shrimp, a fish, and some other odds and ends, and then went back to my uncle's house where he and my aunt cooked several amazing dishes for lunch. They made tom yum goong soup, salted steamed fish... a dish I haven't had in about four or five years. I was so happy to have it again.

After lunch my uncle took us to the beach and to a waterfall. We swam and played in both until everyone was exhausted. Once we were all tired, we loaded up and headed off to one of my uncle's friend's restaurants. We ordered a lot of great food and shared it all, family style, as is customary in Thailand. After the long day of eating and swimming, we went back to my uncle's house, where he and my brother, and my husband (Joe = The Cameraman) all polished off a bottle of whiskey, and ate again. So much food, so much fun. I big thank you to my uncle and aunt for their hospitality and showing us around their beautiful town. I can't wait to go back there.

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