Thailand Trip Part 2: The Courageous Kitchen - Episode 76


Many of you might already know Dwight or Bangkok Fatty (BKKFatty) as he is known on YouTube. On Day 2 of our Thailand trip, we had a chance to meet up with him and the kids and families that he helps support through his "In Search of Sanuk" initiative, and his "Courageous Kitchen" project.

The urban refugees that Dwight helps support are Hmong people that have left Vietnam due to political and religious persecution. The Hmong refugee children are at particularly high risk because their culture, their language, and their skills are "different" than the local Thai population. Add the psychological trauma of having to flee their homeland, and attempt to make a new life and home all while living in the shadows waiting for help from the United Nations, and you only begin to see why these kids are at a high risk.

Dwight and other volunteers help to support the kids and the families of the refugee community. Dwight teaches the kids about cooking, nutrition, English, and so many other essential skills. He provides health care, mentoring, and a safe place for them to fail so that they can have an easy place to learn. But perhaps most importantly, he provides them with a place to smile and laugh, and just be kids.

You can help Dwight and the refugees by doing any of the following:

• Donate your time
• Donate money (a little goes a long way)
• Subscribe to Dwight's YouTube channel Bangkok Fatty
• Subscribe to Dwight's Blog
• Check out The Courageous Kitchen
• Check out In Search of Sanuk
• Share this page and video with your friends and family

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