Thailand Trip Part 9: Temple Ceremony - Episode 83


Today was an emotional day, full of both joy and sadness. Our family plot at the local temple has become old and is in ruins. My uncle is the head monk at the temple, and has been serving this temple for over twenty years. He has advised my family that today is an auspicious day, and the right day to move our ancestors bones to the new plot. Joe went with my grandfather, brother, and cousin to retrieve the remains from the old plot, while I stayed at my grandfather's house with my mother and aunt to prepare food for the ceremony.

After making the food, we met up with everyone else at the temple, where we cleaned, and blessed the bones and remains of our family members. As much as anyone can remember, there are the remains of twelve family member in total in our plot, including my father's remains. After cleaning and blessing the remains, the monks preformed a ceremony ritual and we placed the remains of our family into the new plot.

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