Thai Sea Salt Giveaway - Episode 85


I brought back 45 bags of Thai Sea Salt from my hometown of Bang Tabun. I am going to give them all away to my fans and followers. But it is first come, first serve, so please hurry. To get your FREE bag of Thai Sea Salt, all you have to do is click this link:

Not all salt is the same. Do you think that all salt taste like the table salt that you buy at the grocery store? If so, you would be wrong. In truth, the standard table salt that we all have in our kitchen has probably been processed so much that most of the natural minerals are gone from it, and you're left with pretty much pure sodium.

Thai Sea Salt, and other sea salts around the world, don't over process and strip the earth's natural minerals out of the sea salt. This sea salt from my hometown in Thailand is farmed in an area that has been a mangrove tree forests for hundreds of years. Over time, the trees grow, die, and decompose, returning to the earth unique minerals.