Thailand Trip Part 6: Home in Bang Tabun - Episode 80


Finally, after 4 days in Thailand, I finally made it to my home. It has been a busy trip so far, but now I can spend a few days relaxing, visiting with family, and catching up with old friends. My grandfather's house is our "family house", it is also where our family farm is located. My younger brother is now in charge of the farm and is running the day-to-day operations there. We raise and farm everything from clams, shrimp, to crabs, and oysters. We sell to local markets as well as to larger food traders. 

After a quick visit to the farm, we stopped off at my childhood friend's restaurant. My friend whose name is A, has been running his restaurant for the last 12 years. Several years ago he had an accident there, and his restaurant burned to the ground. Everyone in the village came together to help and support him. With donations and the help of the village, he was able to rebuild his restaurant. Again, part of living in a small town is that you know everyone. And when there is a problem the entire village comes to help. I am very proud and happy to have learned small town values growing up. My friend, A, made a special treat for me, shark stir fry. It was delicious!

After lunch, we walked across the street to the mangrove preservation area. After walking a path through the mangrove trees, it opens up to the ocean. Most of the ocean in this part of my town is used for fishing and farming. Growing up on the delta where the river opens up into the ocean provided a relaxing and tranquil environment for me as a kid. Even today Bang Tabun is a quiet little fishing village. But more and more people from the city are finding their way here to get away from the city for the weekend. 

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