Thailand Trip Part 3: Brother, Temple, and 3D Art - Episode 77


Today was an easy day and one that I enjoyed a lot. I hadn't seen my brother in over 4 years, and today I finally got to see him again. My brother and I have always been close, spending our lives taking care of each other. I also got a chance to meet his girlfriend, a very adorable, sweet, and cute lady that I hope he makes his wife. It was a big day for Joe too, as he finally got to meet my brother for the very first time. They hit it off very well, had a lot in common, found fun and laughter together, and even polished off an entire bottle of Black Label. 

We spent the first two days in Bangkok in order to meet up with Dwight and the kids, but we were both really itching to get out of the city and into the country side. We started the day off at the airport where we picked up our rental car. After a quick 2 hour drive over to the town of Si Racha (of sriracha sauce fame), we finally met up with my brother. Si Racha is where my brother's girlfriend goes to university, and he was there waiting for her to finish up her finals.

We planned on staying for only one day, to see the town and pick up my brother and his girlfriend. First we got lunch, a huge amount of great Japanese food. After that we went to a local temple that overlooks the ocean, and then off to a 3D art gallery. And after that we wrapped the day up by getting street food for dinner. I had noodles and Joe had chicken and rice. A fun day was about to end, but tomorrow will bring another fun day as we head over to visit my uncle and aunt.

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