About Joseph Carmichael

I was born and raised in California, but have lived and worked all over the world. In my early 20's, I lived and worked in Germany for a few years. During this time I traveled extensively throughout Europe. In my early 30's, I lived and worked in Thailand for a few years. During this time he traveled extensively throughout Asia, and this is also when I first met Siri.

I have always been a creative person when it comes to business. I have started and owned several small businesses in the past. I started my first small business, a freight distribution company, when I was just 21 years old. Over the years I have created a wide range of businesses, from a high tech start up in Silicon Valley, to a hot sauce company, to a game development company. 

I have a a bachelor's, master's, and a doctorate degree, all of which are in business. I am the tech guy and primary business contact behind the Spoon Fork Heart cooking show. In addition to that, I also teach business and management courses at the college level, and I work as a senior analyst at a large company.